We came into this world not knowing what is loneliness, relationships, or emotions. The first reaction we gave to the world was a gasp and cry for a good long breathe of air. That was our first introduction to this world outside the womb we knew as home. As we lived we came to know the warmth of somebody's touch, the biting feeling of hunger, the little shock of that unexpected loud voice... we grew up to know who is mom, dad, that little sibling, those toddlers who became friends. We came to know friendship, love, animosity, envy, etc and knew being alone feels bad, and being together feels good.

          "Together" is a series of street photos that captures the essence of togetherness - probably the most sought after feeling of every living being.

Together... Always
Travel Buddies
In Conversation
Best Friends
Play Buddies
Apart but Together
Making Memories
Afternoon in the Park