Shadows - they are everywhere. Sometimes lingering behind us like the truth we like to ignore, sometimes in front of us like the truth we have to reluctantly face and at times they just disappear fooling us to think we are just on our own.

In the darkness, we may not see our shadows but we are but engulfed in the shadow of our greater surrounding. In the light we may think we can erase it, but can we really? Quite ironically light plays its part in bringing out the truth and the truth lies in the dark figure of ourselves cast on the ground. Have you ever seen your own shadow? It’s faceless, it outlines the shape of what we are and within it, if you look closely, you will find yourself. Look at it and you will find it looking back at you, forcing you to contemplate, introspect and read the truth. That’s the beauty of shadow. It is dark but throws so much light on what we are.

On a bright sunny day when I step out with my camera, I see shadows of humans, animals, birds and buildings. I look at the real object in front of me and look at what they cast beside. Many a time, that shadow looks prettier and more genuine. Perhaps that’s why I feel drawn to shadows… they tell a story like no other.

At times, shadows seem to be shrouding what’s in front of me. It would allow only a streak of light to illuminate as if that’s the stage for a theatrical performance. And then the actors would pass by playing their role. In fleeting moments each would tell me something. plead me to capture the moments lest it’s gone and forgotten. And in no time the curtains would fall and the streak of light would be shrouded in the darkness of a single shadow. It would call out to me, it would tell me it’s the amalgamation of everyone’s shadow. And it is so vast that I may feel it to be a vastness of nothingness or many things amongst which I need to seek out my own shadow, my own truth.

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