Long Weekend

It’s the Victoria Day long weekend here and some say this kick starts the summer unofficially. Weather gods seemed to agree to it this year for the weekend started on quite a warm note, rather a hot one. It was a much-awaited long weekend for me to get the much-needed break from the chaos that work and life are these days. With the weather promising to be glorious, I vowed to make the three days blissful. I couldn’t travel but I was determined to explore some unexplored corners of the city. I intended to push my creative boundaries and finish the 300-page book I have been reading for about a month now.

Friday at work better than it usually does. I wasn’t ruing my choices at the end of the day at work rather I was looking forward to every moment of the next three days. My customary Friday night wine & dine with a movie plan was on and the night went fine. It’s the morning after that the expectations started crumbling and along with it the mood and any determination to push and make things better. Without getting into the details of what happened on Saturday or Sunday let me say that sometimes these little windows of happiness look so precious that I pile up a mountain load of expectations on them. So wrong yet it’s been such a first impulse behaviour. The mere three days are but fleeting moments that can take in so much. Little does my anxious mind knows that they cannot encompass a lifetime of joy and even if they could hold even half of it there are spoiling elements at play.

Today when I woke up I decided to just step out and visit The Beaches at the east end of the city. I hoped the cool morning air will make me feel less miserable. The Beaches area starts with the Woodbine beach with a park beside that extends into the lake. It has been the city’s favourite place to cool off in summers and though I have been to the beach several times, I have never been to the adjoining park. It was 7:30 am when I left home. The morning was cooler to the degree I like. When I reached the park, it felt colder with the breeze blow strong. I walked, kept walking through the park and reached the end of it. There was nothing spectacular about it to make an early morning trip that far but yet I was taking satisfaction in being healed by a balmy morning. On the way back I noticed a new breakwater protruding out of the park that went deep into the lake. It was perhaps recently built and was well hidden from everyone’s view. There wasn’t a soul out there and that fact itself was much inviting. I walked over the mass of massive boulders to the end of the breakwater. Being alone there felt like being at the end of the world where everything worldly ceases to be and the vast emptiness begs to be filled with what my imagination can create. I must have spent at least an hour there looking around and taking in the empty view. I took some pictures and stood there feeling the cold water crashing onto the rocks and pushing the gusts of wind to blow me away. Each touch of the cold air was warming me up and each time the water furiously crashed against the rocks I was getting a bit calmer. That one hour gave me the joy the whole weekend couldn’t.

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