Updated: Mar 28, 2021

A shooting pain in the chest, hands refusing to do anything out of fatigue, the mind going numb and putting you at a loss of words, the feeling of uncertainty and the nauseating feeling that plays with your mind - are you sick or it is just the anxiety? When “Anxiety” is no longer a word that refers to the nervousness of finding the school exam results and grows into a bigger word that defines the emotions you go through every moment of the day, each passing day, for weeks and seems to go for months… what do we do?

A few days back a friend of mine texted me saying, “Right now I feel the world is a great place and I’ll die happy”. She was happy, vacationing and getting her little break from the daily grind.

A break - is that all it takes to see the world as a great place? To imagine death as a happy event? And what happens after the break?

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