Portrait photograph of John Jethi

     I am John Jethi. An amateur photographer who wanders around with his camera and captures moments, places, and people who catch my attention and don't leave me till I have captured them with my camera.

     I am not sure when I started my love for photography. My earliest memories go back to the family picnics where I would click a few random pictures on a film camera. The camera used to be a borrowed one, the film used to be expensive, and developing them was not cheap either. That said, I had just one or maybe two moments to capture. Those limited opportunities were exciting and I would make sure everything and everyone I wanted to capture filled the frame. I don’t remember the quality of the pictures, but I remember being happy with the symmetry and lines and the occasional addition of an interesting element in the picture. At that time I didn’t know the science of photography, all I was doing was being amazed at the ability to capture a moment of life as beautifully as I could.

     Eventually, my interests changed and I got more passionate about other things. I hopped from one passion to another and before I knew I had hopped on to photography again. This second term with my camera is still filled with amazement of the ability to capture a moment of life. Often when I walk through my city, travel somewhere away, or just sit by the lake, there are moments that spark an emotion, remind me of something or trigger my mind to weave a story. 

     I attempt to capture all those moments here, sometimes with few words and at others with no words.

    Thank You for visiting this special corner of mine in the vast world of the internet.


John Jethi